MRX Fleet 20th Anniversary Celebrations Dinner

Its been a big weekend for the MRX Fleet. Friday night the 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner was held at the RNZYS. With Pete Montgomery's assistance, Founders Kim McDell and John Street, accompanied by Peter Walker, Steve Fisher and Colin Wrightson told us how the fleet was conceived, David Charlesworth and Brian Trubovich with some assistance from Ray Davies told us how it's popularity grew and MRX Chairman Pete Waters and Ross Masters, Commodore of the RNZYS outlined it's future.

David Charlesworth's Oki Doki centrefold in Newsweek after the winning of the Americas Cup

All highlighted the important role the fleet has played in developing NZ's top yachting talent for the international stage for the benefit of both NZ Sailing and the Yachting Industry. Tribute was paid to the role the Founders, the Owners the Sponsors the RNZYS, Team NZ and the sailors have played in the success of the Fleet.