About Us                                            

The Farr MRX was developed as one design fleet for the World Match Racing Championships in Auckland.

It was the product of the vision of John Street, Fosters Harken, Kim McDell, McDell Marine, the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and the Farr Design Office and number of other benefactors.

The aim was to create a fleet of equal boats where race results would be solely dependant on crew performance and to create a stepping stone for NZ sailing’s youth talent to move from dinghy classes and programs like the RNZYS’s youth training scheme to offshore keeler events, the international match racing circuit and America’s Cup.

The fleet is professionally managed on behalf of the Owners to provide exceptional value for all users:

• Yacht Clubs,

• Local and International Sailors,

• Corporate Charters

• Sponsors and

• Owners

The fleet retains it's close association with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Team New Zealand and Patrons John Street and Kim McDell to this day.