Become an Owner                            

The MRX is ideal for an owner or owners who wish to take part in regular Fleet, Match or Rum racing.

Become an Owner

The MRX fleet is privately owned. Owners have potential access to their boats for up to 200 days  per annum. The fleet is berthed all together at Westhaven and is professionally managed on behalf of the owners for the benefit of all users by a Fleet Manager.

The MRX is a very economical way to own a boat, particularly for owners who do not have the time to manage and maintain a yacht. You can own an entire boat or a share of a MRX. For a small investment and fee per annum you could own a share in a MRX.

Then all you have to do is step aboard and go sailing.

Also, many boats have “cruising kits” and can also be used for local cruising over the summer.

There are part and full boat options available for purchase now.

Find out more, please contact us or phone the Fleet Manager Mob 021 679 125\