Inaugural MRX Patron's Christmas Rum Race & Dinner

This event gave the MRX Owners and supporters the opportunity to recognise the role our Patrons, John Street and Kim McDell played in the development and management of this world class match racing fleet and the catalyst it has been for the international success of our sailors, marine industry and country in the yachting world.

Patrons John Street left and Kim McDell right, with Peter Walker

Noted yachting commentators PJ Montgomery and Richard Gladwell comment:

"Without the vision, courage and foresight of John and Kim, Auckland and New Zealand sailing would not have had such a fantastic asset. The MRX fleet has been the key factor to improve the standard of NZ sailors and increase the reservoir of talent that has brought so much success to NZ sailing and sailors".
PJ Montgomery

"I sincerely wish you all the best, the fleet has done great service and has set the benchmark for this style of operation around the world". Richard Gladwell

The hard fought Rum race featured Kim McDell and the crew that conceived the MRX - Bill Howlett (Gen Manager of McDell Marine and MRX Fleet manager for first phase), Peter Walker (MRX Project Manager), Colin Wrightson (McDell Marine New projects Manager resonsible for build of MRXs), Terry McDell (Legal adviser).

Pete Waters, Race Winner and MC

The race was won by Yachting Developments with Pete Waters on the helm followed by Touch of Gloss skippered by Jack Hanson and Harken skippered by Garry Lock.  

Peter Walker recounts the early days

Kim McDell replies

A Buffet Dinner attended by our Patrons, Owners, Crews, Sponsors at and Partners at the Quarterdeck, RNZYS, followed. Pete Waters MC'd the night which featured an entertaining trip down memory lane from Peter Walker and replies from Kim McDell and Ross Masters, Vice Comodore RNZYS.Kim emphasised the part all parties involved with the MRX fleet had played in their success!


 Some of the guests

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